Thank you for taking your health and well being seriously and for clicking on this page.

Listening to AM 770 can be a risky and enjoyable past-time. (Please remember that listening to AM 770 is done at ones own risk.)

The following is an incomplete list of known side-effects as reported by our listeners.  If you experience something not-listed please feel free to comment on this post and add your own personal experiences.

Known side-effects(in no particular order)

Hunger (from listening to us talk about food)
Ear-gasm (hard to explain…can only be experienced)
Feelings of euphoria
urge to smile
feelings of inspiration
hair growing back
healthy glow of skin
return of appetite
overall sense of well-being
hand-cramp(from holding your phone to your ear while driving and navigating traffic)
islands in the stream-osis (from hearing dolly and kenny do this duet daily)
bluegrassremake-itis (from hearing bluegrass remakes of popular pop songs)
sense of control (over what you hear on the radio)
Please remember that these effects are purely for entertainment purposes only.  Thanks for listening to AM 770.  YOURadio.

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