ATTENTION! — Please Read!

A fundraiser was recently conducted by an outside source to keep WYRV  AM 770 on the air.  We have recently been notified that several donors were contacted with the request that their checks be written to a person rather than the station.  WYRV has not received any of the funds that were raised for this purpose.  Please contact us immediately if you made any donations, either through cash or personal check, to WYRV through fundraising.  We want to protect you as our listeners and supporters.  We sincerely apologize that any of this has happened in our name and are seeking to correct the problem.  Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and needed.  Again, contact us immediately if you donated, in any form, to WYRV AM 770.

UPDATE:  We have recently learned that the individual responsible for the fundraiser is now offering refunds to donors.  call us at the station and we will give you the number.  276-964-5167

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